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Carbon Energized Base Layers

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Performance Enhancing Capabilities

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Technologically Advanced Compression Gear

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Who we are

AG Sports Ltd brings you the most advanced base layer and underwear in the world. 

We discovered a new brand of clothing that was making products with un-paralleled benefits. We discussed with the manufacturer and are now proud license holders to sell the Carbon Energized products. We believe that these products are a revolution in the sports industry and are very proud to be part of it. 

Due to the unique properties and benefits of the CARBON ENERGIZED products it leaves all competition behind. 

Our vision is to bring a complete array of sports and footwear that uses the most advanced, environmentally sustainable, technical materials bringing unprecedented benefits to our customers that promotes their inner well-being, self-esteem and confidence boosting performance and at the same time providing health benefits.

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See What People Are Saying

The Carbon Energized base layer is a fantastic bit of kit. I have worn it on numerous occasions, including in the snow in Slovenia underneath a dry suit, in a cave in Thailand as the only top I needed and during many different sports activities, including football and running. I have found that the carbon energised top fits well, it has no protruding labels or parts that rub on me, even while being hot. It dries out extremely quickly, keeping me cool in the heat and adding warmth in the cold. It is well made – I have had no rips or tears in the material, despite being used underground with sharp rocks while carrying heavy gear. I like that you can throw it in the washing machine, then leave it to air dry for about 20 minutes, with it being ready to wear.

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Benefits of Carbon Energized

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The Science Behind Carbon Energized

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Whether you're a runner, cyclist, hiker, football player, rugby player, or simply going out for a walk - carbon energized products will provide health benefits, boost your confidence and increase your performance.

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