4 Benefits of Running Regularly

     One of the most basic exercises that we can do is running. It is also one of the most effective and it offers a wide range of benefits that can improve your health and well-being. From burning fat and calories, to toning muscles and strengthening your heart, running is one of the best things that you can do for your body. With very little equipment: a good pair of running shoes, a Carbon Energized base layer and your favourite music, you should be able to start a regular running routine today!

Let’s Take A Look At The Top Benefits That You Can Get From Running Regularly

Burns Fat And Calories- running every day can help you burn excess fat and calories. One of the most difficult areas of the body to burn fat from is your midsection. Belly fat can lead to other health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure and back pain. Even running just 15 minutes every day at a pace that your body can handle is beneficial and, as you increase your endurance, you will be able to run longer and faster and begin seeing results in no time.

Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System- running on a regular basis can help strengthen the cardiovascular system reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke and other blood circulation problems. Running enables your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently and your veins and arteries will begin to expand and contract much more efficiently as well. This can increase the elasticity of our cardiovascular system, enabling us to live longer.

Reduce Stress Levels- between work, school and family, we can become very stressed and that can lead to a wide range of other health issues including prolonged illness and depression. However, running on a regular basis can help relieve our stress and anxiety, enabling us to look and feel healthier.

Strengthens Our Immune System- research has shown that people who run on a regular basis have a much stronger immune system than people who are sedentary. A stronger immune system means less risk of disease and illness and can help us fight off infections and viruses.

     You can run year round even in colder climates as long as you have the proper running gear. Carbon Energized base layers enable us to run even in cold or damp environments while keeping us warm, dry and comfortable throughout our workout.

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