AG Sports: How we can help you to perform better

Wondering who we are and how we can help you bring your A-game? Read on for the lowdown on AG Sports: our people, our products and our ethos.



AG Sports is the brainchild of two friends from the beautiful North East of Scotland. We began trading as Fairtricket, a local word meaning tickled pink. After a re-brand in 2018, we became AG Sports, with AG short for A-game. We may have left our Fairtricket days behind us, but the two names are central to our ethos: we want our customers to be delighted with our products, and for their performance to be enhanced by them. Our moisture-wicking fabrics allow people to be more comfortable, thereby achieving their full potential and bringing their A-game.



As a leading UK retailer of Carbon Energized activewear, we have a loyal band of customers who come back time and time again for our top quality garments. People use our products for a number of reasons: sleep, travel, fitness, marathons, cycling, extreme sports. But the thing they all have in common is the feeling they get: our garments make you feel like you’re a winner. The quality of the fabric against your skin gives you that ‘can do, will do’ attitude: feeling good makes you perform better.



But it’s not just mindset that matters. Carbon Energized products are market leaders in terms of their ability to reduce heart rate, keep you cool, ease your breathing and combat lactic acid. Wearing our activewear doesn’t merely make you feel like you’re bringing your A-game. You’re wearing your A-game.



We are a young brand, focused on giving back to our local community and spreading that winning feeling not just to our customers, but to our neighbours and the wider region as well. We hear of too many people or places where the youth, families and the elderly have no facilities. Whatever your dreams of glory, whether it’s in sport, education, or the local village hall Scrabble league, we don’t want a lack of space or opportunity to get in your way. Our dream is to be able to give back to the community that has done so much for us.


So what’s next for us? We hope one day to have our own products available to sell, using our expertise in moisture-wicking, activewear fabrics to design and manufacture a new generation of sportswear. We see ourselves as pioneers in activewear and want to take performance-enhancing garments to the next level.


We believe there is only one you. We have one shot at this life, and we are bringing our A-game to it. In every area of our business, we work to make sure that we are bringing you the lightest and best moisture-wicking technology at prices that represent amazing value for money. Because we want you to be able to perform better. Elite sportswear is no longer the preserve of Olympians and professional athletes.


So there it is. AG Sports: we bring our A-game to everything we do, so that you can too.