Case study: Cyclist Wearing Carbon Energized Base Layers

One of our customers trials our base layers for a 10 mile hilly cycle!


My name is Thomasin and I’m an amateur - very amateur - cyclist. By which I mean I decided to get a bit more active, bought a bike, and when the weather is acceptable, I go for a ride. Call me a fair-weather friend. I love cycling, but if the conditions look too challenging for me on a given day, then I’m out.

Which is why I was intrigued to try out AG Sports’ Carbon Energized base layers. For me, comfort is a total deal-breaker. If it’s too hot, I don’t want to cycle. Too wet, too cold, too windy, too dark… You get the idea. I wondered about testing out some base layers that promised to keep me cooler and make me feel more comfortable. The logic being that, if I’m not constantly fretting about how my body is feeling, maybe I can just get on and enjoy the ride.

The big day came: a 10-mile cycle around the hilly lanes of Northamptonshire. The weather has been so atrocious lately, I haven’t been out on my bike much at all. So my fitness had dipped yet again, and I was nervous. But, finally, the sun had come out, and I was out of excuses. Time to get back in the saddle.

I started off with just a couple of items from AG Sports: the Carbon Energized base layer ladies top and the ladies slip as well. First of all, I was mightily impressed by how well they fitted and how seamless they are: it’s like wearing a second skin. No horrible, tight sports bra, digging away, just stretchy, supportive, soft fabric. I popped my usual cycling gear on over the top and headed out.

>I’ve done this ride before, and know that it can be a challenge. For those of you that know the villages of Northamptonshire, I cycled out to Warkton, just outside Kettering: a beautiful village on an absolute pig of a hill. As I approached the village hall, my halfway point, I got ready for my usual pitstop: a glug of water as I enjoy the view.

As I sat taking in the sight, I noticed for the first time that I wasn’t even thinking about how uncomfortable I was. OK, I was out of breath and my heart was pounding, but that’s par for the course when your body is still on a learning curve, fitness-wise. But the normal distractions of an uncomfortable sports bra, or feeling overly hot or a bit too cold, just weren’t really there. The top in particular seemed to have done a great job of wicking away moisture and was still feeling dry and breathable.


Having got my breath back, I carried on with my ride (mostly downhill - my kind of cycling) and got home a tiny bit faster than usual, which I was surprised by, given the gap between this and my last ride. Maybe it was just chance, or a good run, but I definitely think that not having to focus on my own discomfort helped me to concentrate on the task at hand. I changed, popped the base layers in the laundry (incidentally, they washed really well), knowing that I’d definitely be wearing them.