How do Carbon Energized products work?

As you’ll know if you’re a lover of our products, we think Carbon Energized garments are unbeatable in terms of technology and performance. They keep you cooler, help you to breathe more easily, and fight lactic acid levels. We thought maybe it was time to start explaining the science behind these claims; after all, these products have been years in the making, with painstaking attention to detail by the research and development team.

 The Carbon Energized range includes a number of different types of breathable activewear, from the ever-popular base layers to more specialist products, such as compression socks and sleeves. All are designed to provide the highest possible level of comfort, allowing you to perform at your very best.

The key to the success of these garments is all in the fabric. Made from 85% polypropylene dryarn®, 10% elastalan and 5% Carbon Energized fabric, the products are all worn directly against the skin. They are seamless, lightweight and breathable, and work with the body’s temperature to provide optimal thermal conductivity.


But what does that actually mean? It means that the fabric in Carbon Energized products is so sophisticated, that its temperature control properties keep your body temperature up to three times lower than polyester base layers. Garments are highly breathable, permitting moisture to evaporate more quickly so that you stay dryer and more comfortable. And anyone who does a lot of sport will know that the better we feel, the better we perform.


As we mentioned above, Carbon Energized garments went through years of research and development, which means we have all sorts of useful data on them. So we know that the sportswear improves:


  • Lung function: people who wore Carbon Energized garments during their workout had notably improved respiratory parameters, meaning their need for oxygen decreased by an average value of three litres per minute. Ultimately, their lungs didn’t have to work as hard, increasing comfort.
  • Heart rate: when testing Carbon Energized garments against other products, in most cases, heart rates were reduced by up to four beats per minute. Again, research is telling us that these products allow your body to work less hard - in this case, with your heart being able to take things a little easier.
  • Lactic acid levels: thanks to a lower body temperature when wearing Carbon Energized products, most testers saw a 12% drop in lactic acid levels. Responsible for the aches and pains you feel in your muscles when exercising, lactic acid is a key factor in discomfort when active. By lowering your lactic acid levels, you feel stronger, fitter and experience less pain. Another way in which this sportswear brand allows you to perform at your very best.

So, there are some of the key ways in which our sportswear can help you reach your goals. And, as it happens, you don’t have to sacrifice style either - take a look at some of our latest products:


All in Carbon Energized’s ground-breaking, breathable fabric. Because the other options just sound way too much like hard work…