How our garments can help with a range of job roles

Many people associate our products with sports or outdoor pursuits, but did you know that lots of our customers buy our garments for work? If you spend a lot of time sitting or standing, or if your day is spent mainly outside, then you might want to include some compression gear or base layers in your work wardrobe. Read on to find out why we have a growing following across all sorts of sectors, from the emergency services to construction workers, and from desk jobbers to park rangers.

Base layers for the great outdoors

If much of your working day is spent outside, then our base layers could be a great option for you. Lots of our customers work in outdoorsy jobs such as forestry, parks, fishing, construction, surveying, tourism and gardening. Our Carbon Energized base layers are designed to be worn next to your skin, and keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. We stock vests, T-shirts and long-sleeved tops as well as leggings, all designed in styles for both men and women.


Anyone who works outdoors - particularly in the chills of a British winter - will know that layering is key. If your core is warm, you can cope with whatever the weather throws at you. Some outdoorsy jobs, such as construction, involve a lot of physical activity, and layers can help keep you warm when you hit the site early in the morning, as they trap warm air and insulate you against the cold.


But our base layers are more than just an extra item of clothing. They are manufactured by Carbon Energized, who have produced the most advanced fabric in the world, which works with your body’s temperature to keep you warm or cool, whatever the conditions.

Compression gear to boost circulation

Many of our customers work in careers that involve a lot of sitting or standing, which can take its toll on your lower limbs. Our compression socks are hugely popular for office workers, frequent flyers, nurses, doctors, people in retail and hospitality, and for those on bedrest after an operation.


When we sit or stand for a large proportion of the day, gravity acts against our circulation, causing blood to pool in the smaller, lateral blood vessels of our feet and ankles. This can make us feel uncomfortable and can even cause swelling: anyone who spends all day on their feet will be familiar with tired, aching legs. In extreme cases, particularly on flights or after an operation, there is a risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


Compression socks and sleeves work to counteract this, putting pressure on the blood vessels in your feet, calves and ankles, forcing blood back to the heart. They reduce swelling and soreness, giving you happy feet again. Not only that, but our Carbon Energized compression gear is clinically proven to work to prevent DVT.

New to layering?

If you’re new to base layers and compression gear, get in touch with us today and let one of our expert team guide you through the options. One or two key pieces can make all the difference to keeping you comfortable at work, no matter what the elements are up to. As the saying goes: ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.’ We’re here to find something that suits you.