How to get exercise back into your routine: what you need

At AG Sports, we love all things active and exercise-related. We exist to help people find the right kit to make them comfortable when they’re exercising. If you’re trying a new activity for the first time, getting the right kit can be a major factor in how motivated you feel and how much you enjoy it. Our garments are all designed to increase comfort levels and to help you perform at your best. Here are some of our top tips to get yourself ready for your new hobby, so that you're fully prepared and really motivated to get off that sofa!




We always recommend that you spend time researching what are the best rated pieces of kit and accessories for your chosen hobby.  Have a look on review sites or forums to see what comes highly recommended, and what the inside scoop is on game-changing accessories.

Treat yourself

If you find something while you’re doing your research, then don’t feel guilty about treating yourself. Have fun kitting yourself out, and buy some sportswear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You'll look forward to going out for the first time wearing that new top: looking the part really helps.


Invest in tech

If an audio book or music will help to keep your mind busy while you exercise, then make sure you have some decent headphones. Or, if you think tracking your routine will help to get you motivated, then it’s worth looking into getting a tracker or workout armband for your smartphone. There’s a world of fitness gadgets out there, from fitibits to exercise apps tailored to different sports. All allow you to monitor your progress and share your activity with others, building up a social network around your hobby. Technology doesn’t just run to fun gizmos either: check out our sportswear, created with the most technologically-advanced fabric on the market.

Be prepared

Prepare for all eventualities. Don't allow your plans to go out for a run be scuppered by the weather. Make sure you have a range of gear and accessories that mean you can exercise, no matter what the weather is doing. When it comes to sportswear, you want breathable layers that can keep you dry and cool, regardless of the elements. A great place to start is with a Carbon Energized vest, which can be worn under other layers or on its own. It’s a fantastic option, no matter what the forecast looks like, and has many uses, from endurance sports to sleepwear. A high-performance product that you can wring amazing value out of.


Get packed

Always have your sports bag packed. Eliminate excuses for getting out of the door. Make sure your gym kit is always clean and ready to go, and easy to grab on the way out of the house. Load it up with water bottle, headphones, towel and any other of your favourite accessories. So, if you happen to have a free half an hour, you're always ready to seize the moment.