Keeping comfortable in winter

Keeping comfortable in winter: how our garments are stellar products if you're working outdoors

As the clocks go back and winter approaches, those of us who work in outdoorsy jobs will know that getting the right bits of kit to keep you warm is crucial to staying warm and dry on even the coldest of days. Here are our top tips for surviving the Great British Winter.

1.     Keep active

On really cold days, the moment when you step outside for the first time and feel the frosty air on your face can be pretty off-putting, to say the least. Get warm as quickly as you can with a brisk walk or jog. The majority of outdoor jobs are physical anyway: whether you work in construction, agriculture, fishing (amongst many others), you’ll know that a bracing start can be overcome by throwing yourself into it. Keep your body moving and you’ll feel warm and invigorated before you know it.

2.     Layer up

We love base layers at AG Sports. Put simply, they’re the best way to keep warm in winter. Anyone who works in construction in winter will know that layers are key: a heavy coat can leave you feeling weighed down and too hot once the exertion of the working day kicks in. Check out our fantastic range of vests, T-shirts, long-sleeved tops and leggings on our website, all designed to work with your body temperature to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

3.     Keep your hands and feet toasty

The winter can leave your hands and feet cold, dry and chapped. Invest in a decent pair of thermal socks (our long socks stretch above the knee, keeping you fantastically warm all day long) and protect your hands against the chill with gloves. For really cold days, you can even layer up your hands: our undergloves work fantastically under snow mitts, for example.  Take care of your skin with a good quality barrier cream (O’Keefe’s Working Hands and Weleda’s Skin Food are both wonderful for protecting your skin against the cold and repairing the damage that wet, cold conditions can wreak).

4.     Invest in a decent coat

Winter in the UK can be pretty relentless when it comes to wet, cold, miserable conditions. The right coat can make you feel pretty impenetrable, and a good one will last for years. Consider a snow jacket for something that will keep you warm and dry even in the most treacherous conditions.

5.     Stay positive

Working outdoors in winter is all about attitude. Remember that in a matter of hours, you’ll be back indoors, warming up with a hot shower. Throw yourself into your day in the meantime: the physical nature of most outside jobs is great for your immune system and for your mental health. Give yourself warming treats throughout the day, whether it’s a flask of steaming coffee or a pair of ear muffs, just because you love them.


Do you work in the great outdoors? How do you survive the winter? We’d love to hear from you if you have the inside track!