Polypropylene Dryarn: what’s the fuss about?

As you’d expect, we are very particular about fabrics at AG Sports. Followers of our blog will have read earlier posts about the different types of fabric you can choose from when selecting new sportswear or leisure gear. We tend to favour polypropylene, and all of our Carbon Energized products are made from a particular type: Polypropylene Dryarn. Today we want to spread the word about why this is such a fantastic fabric for activewear and base layers.

What is Polypropylene Dryarn? 

As you might be able to tell from the name, the whole aim and nature of Dryarn is to wick moisture and keep the wearer dry. Made from polypropylene microfibre, it is seen by many of its advocates as the fabric of the future: it’s recyclable, dirt-repelling and highly hygienic. Dryarn doesn’t absorb moisture and dirt like other fabrics do, but instead pushes these out to the surface of the fabric. So, dirt can’t penetrate the fibres, meaning clothes don’t need to be washed as much, and they don’t get the characteristic whiff of some other synthetic fibres (naming no names, polyester). So, by using garments made of polypropylene dryarn, you can save electricity by resorting to fewer washes and at lower temperatures. Once washed, the clothes dry quickly and don’t need to be ironed. It’s the ultimate in hassle-free, easy-to-care-for activewear. 

Dryarn keeps its shape and colour well and doesn’t pill or shrink with washes and wear. It’s ideal to use no matter the season: it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s a fantastic fabric when it comes to comfort and performance: stretchy without being constrictive and insulating whilst keeping you cool. By pushing sweat and moisture out of the fabric and out to the surface where it can evaporate quickly, you hardly notice what you’re wearing. Fans of Dryarn simply love it for its highly comfortable nature: no more distractions from clothes that are too damp, tight or clingy. You can just focus on what you’re doing.

Carbon Energized products

All the Carbon Energized products that we sell at AG Sports are made from 88% polypropylene dryarn, 7% elastalan and 5% Carbon Energized fabric. Many of our products are designed to be worn directly against the skin, allowing the wearer to benefit from the fabric’s advanced temperature control properties. Research has shown that Carbon Energized garments can help to keep your body temperature up to three times lower than other base layers made out of fabrics such as polyester. They are antibacterial, hypoallergenic and seamless, meaning that they are comfortable, durable and need much less washing. During exercise, Carbon Energized base layers keep you cool and - and it’s all thanks to the polypropylene dryarn. 

Backed up by research

During the product development phase of Carbon Energized activewear, 800 athletes were tested over a two-year period at the University of Turin’s Sports Science Campus. Of these 800 athletes, 75% showed a reduction in heart rate, oxygen intake and lactic acid build-up when wearing the Carbon Energized products. By keeping your heart rate and lactic acid levels down and allowing you to breathe more easily, you stay comfortable for longer, focusing on your performance. 

So that’s our take on polypropylene dryarn: as you can see, we love it! We’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried out any of our Carbon Energized base layers: how did they work out for you?