The Best Clothes For Cycling

     Cycling is considered by many one of the best ways to reduce stress while burning calories and increasing endurance. No other workout enables you to do all of that while enjoying the beautiful countryside wherever you live. In fact, many cyclists say that any time they are feeling overwhelmed with work, stressed or anxious, taking a bicycle ride makes them feel better as it releases endorphins and helps to clear the mind.

     If you are new to cycling, you will find that it doesn’t take much to get started. A quality bicycle designed to fit your body type, some cycling-specific clothing and a helmet to protect your head and you are ready to take on that back country road. But what exactly do you wear? What are the best workout clothes for cycling? Keep reading to find out:

The Best Workout Clothes For Cycling

Hybrid Fabrics- whether you are riding a bicycle in a spin class, or you are out riding your favourite back road, Hybrid Fabrics made of 85% polypropylene Dryarn®, 10% Elastalan And 5% Carbon Energized fabric are the best materials you can choose for cycling clothing. Loose clothing can get caught in the gears and other moving parts causing you to crash, whereas spandex is sleek and form fitting, making it perfect for riding your bicycle. Carbon Energized Long Pants can help you stay warm and comfortable on cold days while providing breathability to help reduce sweating.

Colourful- you want to be seen by others on the road so it is especially important that you avoid dark or muted coloured clothing. Choose high visibility clothing that is made for cycling and coordinate pieces so you always look your best wherever you ride!

Breathable- clothing that is breathable is essential for cyclists as you want the additional airflow to keep cool, comfortable and dry on those extremely hot days. For cooler days, choose a Carbon Energized Base Layer Long Sleeve from AG Sports which can help you retain body heat without sweating.

Transitional- transitional clothing which enables you to layer your gear and that looks good both on and off the bike will make destination cycling easier and a lot more fun!

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