The science behind our fabrics

People often ask us how our garments are so good at keeping them so dry and comfortable during exercise. So, we thought it was time to have a look at the science and technology that has gone into creating the amazing range of Carbon Energized products that we have available for you today.


We absolutely mean it when we say that Carbon Energized garments are the most advanced base layers in the world. This isn’t just marketing hype; the scientific research that has gone into developing the cutting edge fabric from which they are made is extensive and ground-breaking. Read on to find out more about some of the key things that make Carbon Energized products different.

What goes into our fabrics

Carbon Energized activewear is made from a fabric which consists of 88% polypropylene dryarn, 7% elastan and 5% Carbon Energized fabric, which is a unique blend to set the material apart from others on the market. Garments are seamless, meaning that they are highly comfortable to wear. They are so soft and stretchy, many of our customers say they feel like a second skin: you forget you are wearing them.

The research

The garments we sell have been tested on over 800 athletes during a two-year research project at the University of Turin’s Sports Science Campus. The results of the intensive study showed without doubt that 75% of participants experienced an improved heart rate when wearing Carbon Energized products, sometimes by as much as four beats per minute. Not only that, but the group also showed a reduction in oxygen use by up to three litres per minute and reduced lactic acid levels by as much as 12% during exercise.


What does this mean? Essentially, it means that our garments maintain a regular body temperature, which allows your heart, lungs and muscles to work less hard when exercising. Instead of pumping blood harder around the body to keep you cool, Carbon Energized base layers wick moisture away and work with your core body temperature, doing the work that your heart would otherwise be doing.


So, your body works less hard on keeping cool, which means you have extra reserves for focusing on performance and endurance.

Key features of our fabrics

Carbon Energized products also:


  • Are naturally anti-bacterial: they require little washing, due to their dirt-repelling and germ-fighting fibres. The days of odorous gym bags are over!
  • Keep you dry: polypropylene dryarn is designed to take moisture, such as sweat, from the body and push it out to the fabric’s surface, where it evaporates. You stay feeling dry, cool and comfortable. No more clingy wet T-shirts!
  • Absorb and disperse the negative antistatic charge in the body through the fibres.
  • Beat other sportswear products, such as polyester, hands down: when tested, Carbon Energized products helped athletes maintain a body temperature three times lower than those wearing polyester.


As you can tell, we love Carbon Energized products and think they are the best in the world in terms of the comfort they provide and the performance levels they help our clients to achieve. Have you tried any items from the Carbon Energized range? We’d love to hear from you!