Why we love polypropylene fabric

Whatever your sport or hobby of choice, it’s important to be comfortable so that you can focus on the activity you love, rather than be constantly distracted by damp, clingy clothes. There are a wide variety of fabrics on the sportswear market these days - polyester, spandex, polypropylene, merino wool, nylon, bamboo and cotton, to name but a few. For us here at AG Sports, polypropylene is the winner, hands down: it’s extraordinarily quick-drying, it keeps you cool while insulating (making it a great base layer), and it represents excellent value for money. Here are our top reasons for choosing polypropylene:


  1. It’s super-hygienic. Compared to polyester, which sometimes has the reputation for being a bit smelly, polypropylene combats bacteria and moisture, meaning it stays clean and needs less washing. Polypropylene essentially repels moisture, meaning that even if your outer layer is soaked with sweat after a run, what you can feel next to your skin is dry. This makes it great as a base layer and means that you can re-use polypropylene garments several times before chucking them in the wash.
  2. It keeps you dry. Anyone who has taken part in a spin class will know that fabrics like cotton make you feel heavy and clammy. No-one wants to leave the gym freezing cold, desperate to wring out their T-shirt. Polypropylene pushes water and sweat out of its fibres out to the surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate away. Magic.
  3. It’s great value for money. While garments made out of merino wool can carry pretty hefty price tags, polypropylene is priced around the market’s mid-point. Polypropylene garments represent quality, hard-working activewear, without breaking the bank.
  4. It’s wonderful for layering. Because of polypropylene’s ability to push sweat and moisture away from the skin and out to the fabric’s surface, it’s an enduringly popular option for base layers. Our Carbon Energized products come in a range of base layers, such as vests, tops, long pants and compression gear. Our customers love them for their versatility, whether it’s as a base layer, underwear or even as the most comfortable sleepwear of all time (yes, really!).
  5. It holds its shape. If you’ve worn cotton leggings for a workout, you’ll know that they generally end with sad, saggy, baggy knees. Fabrics like cotton and wool can’t claim the elasticity of polypropylene, which springs back into shape after every wear. Which is lucky, because it’s so wonderfully comfortable, you’ll want to be wearing it over and over again.


What are your favourite fabrics for working out in? Is there a piece of activewear that you simply couldn’t be without? Do you have top tips for purchasing your workout gear? We’d love to hear from you!