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CARBON ENERGIZED products are the most advanced base layer and underwear in the world. After many years of research and development the CARBON ENERGIZED base layer is designed to enhance performance whilst providing the highest degree comfort.

Made from 85% POLYPROPYLENE DRYARN®, 10% ELASTALAN and 5% CARBON ENERGIZED fabric and totally seamless it is designed to work with the body’s temperature to provide optimal thermal conductivity.

The garments are worn directly against the skin in order to utilise the fabrics advanced temperature control properties which is able to maintain a body temperature up to 3 times lower than base layers manufactured with other materials such as polyester. The garments also provide unrivalled breathability allowing moisture to evaporate more quickly keeping the body dryer.

Other benefits include

  1. In 2 out of 3 cases athletes experience a reduction in heart rate by up to 4beats/minute compared to other base layers. So during a 4 hour running session the athletes heart will beat up to 1000 times less. WOW!!
  2. During workout and daily use, CARBON ENERGIZED can improve the respiratory parameters and may decrease the need for oxygen by an average value of 3ltr/minute
  3. CARBON ENERGIZED allows easier perspiration which is composed of 99% water and small amounts of sugar and lipids. Carried on our clothes, all of these substances produce a source of bacteria. All these metabolic activities cause the bacteria to produce some unpleasant odours, which are neutralised completely by CARBON ENERGIZED
  4. CARBON ENERGIZED working with a lower body temperature, in 2 out of 3 cases, can reduce the production of lactic acid in capillary blood by 12%. Lactic acid is responsible for the pain you feel in your muscles during exercise. Reducing this should ensure you can perform at your maximum level for longer.
  5. CARBON ENERGIZED absorbs and disperses the negative anti-static charge in the body through the fibres meaning the garment does not cling to you like other base layers.

What other base layer/underwear can provide this? None. Only CARBON ENERGIZED base layers and underwear can provide you with the health benefits described and enable you to improve your performance no matter if you are a professional athlete or just out for a stroll. It has also been proven to benefit those who wear the garment in their sleep!!!!! No. We’re not kidding.

Give it a try. Your health is the most important thing in life. Take care of yours by wearing a CARBON ENERGIZED base layer and underwear from AG Sports Ltd. You will be glad you did!!  


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