About AG Sports


AG Sports was born in 2015 but as Fairtricket Ltd. A very good friend and I were affected by the Oil and Gas downturn and were looking for something that could take us out of the “feast or famine” cycle of the Energy industry. We formed Fairtricket Ltd, an online retailer selling sportswear and footwear at discounted prices.

Why? Why not? We found suppliers of “packs” of sportswear that we could buy and sell at a profit but still at bargain prices, all brand new and genuine. We believed we could offer a service that customers wanted.

We soon realised that this business model was not sustainable and looked for something more long term and permanent and at the same time something that people wanted, something that had not been done before. As silly as it sounds, almost immediately and by pure magic we discovered a new brand of clothing that was making products with un-paralleled benefits. We discussed with the manufacturer and are now proud license holders to sell the Carbon Energized products. We believe that these products are a revolution in the sports industry and are very proud to be part of it.


AG is short for A-Game. Our A-Game is the apparel you need for your A-Game

Many people who partake in sports have heard of or have many base layers that offer moisture wicking with the purpose of keeping the body drier and therefore cooler. This was the original purpose of the base layer. However, in many situations the athlete encounters many things that can affect the body during and after rigorous exercise that the “common” base layer is unable to do anything about. For example, Body temperature. Of course during activity the temperature of the body can fluctuate and even just 0.2c change can have longer term effects on the body. In order to cool us down the heart works harder to pump oxygenated blood to those areas that require it. At the same time we sweat more to make us cooler. This leads to heavier breathing during exercise because we need to provide the oxygen our body and muscles require. The final consequence of this is then the “burn” or the ache in the muscle groups after as a result of lactic acid build up.


How do Carbon Energized Technical Base Layers help Athletes?

Carbon energized technical base layers aims to address effects caused by body temperature issues. Using technical fabrics that are lighter than water, Polypropylene, and blending in Carbon Energized Fibres, the CARBON ENERGIZED products can in many cases address those issues to a level which is unprecedented. In tests done over two years at the Sports Science department of Turin University and on 800 athletes, 691 showed improved heart rate, oxygen intake and lactic acid build up opposed to those not wearing the Carbon Energized base layer. Check out our product details for further Info.

AG Sports have redefined their business and direction and CARBON ENERGIZED is just the start of the revolution we aim to bring. The future is bright for AG and its customers. Our vision is to bring a complete array of sports and footwear that uses the most advanced, environmentally sustainable, technical materials bringing unprecedented benefits to our customers. Our goal is to promote their inner well-being, self-esteem and boost their performance; while at the same time providing health benefits.

The benefits are truly magnificent, not only on your health and performance, but on the environment and in your pocket too.

Can it be done? Bit too far-fetched? We believe in our teams, our partners and our people to take what’s been done and make it better. We want to be the benchmark and not follow others. We want you, our customers, to be all they can be and the best they can be. We want you to have the apparel that make you feel like the winner that you are.