We have explained and described how Carbon Energized can assist the keen sports person in a various range of activities. But what if you are not sporty or in any way inclined to be as active as others, can Carbon Energized products benefit you in any way?

Absolutely! The garments are designed in a way that works by being worn against the skin assisting in maintaining the body temperature. So in winter, you can wear this under your shirt, t-shirt and jumper and it can, in many cases, assist in reducing the work rate of your heart as it does not need to work so hard to warm you up.

Same in Summer time. By keeping your optimum temperature constant, wearing a Carbon Energized product can, in many cases, reduce your heart rate as it does not have to work so hard to cool you down! I know that one person in particular wears one of the tops to bed!! The socks are clinically proven and can assist those who spend a long time on their feet or even sitting. They are made from Prolen Dryarn™ a material that is environmentally friendly and proven to provide properties to aid better circulation. So just because you don’t run a marathon or walk a thousand miles, compete with Ronaldo or Tiger or race Sir Bradley Wiggins, Carbon Energized can assist anyone and everyone in many ways.

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