It is fair to say that cycling has seen a significant growth in participants over the last 10-20 years. A fact that can be noted by the growth in clothing manufacturers and events all over the UK and beyond. 

It is also fair to say that the rationale behind the CARBON ENERGIZED Base Layer had cycling at the forefront in its concept and design.

Worn under your cycling jacket and against the skin, the CARBON ENERGIZED base layer provides the cyclist with the best moisture wicking material around leaving you cooler and drier.

Further, in most cases, the avid cyclist can benefit from the other unique properties that the products can provide in heart rate, oxygen and lactic acid build up reduction.

The range of products from CARBON ENERGIZED has been produced in mind for the cyclist, so the full range of products can apply to you.


Energize your Body and Mind!




Our products are a great addition to your cycling apparel and your wellbeing while participating in your passion.

BMX World Champion Dave Van Der Burg agrees!!

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