For those who think that Golf is just a stroll in the park, think again. On most parts, it can be almost a 6-mile walk on not so even ground and if you are like me, can be more and in places where you can’t see where you are walking.

How can CARBON ENERGIZED assist the average, keen or professional Golfer? Well, during ANY activity that can involve exercise or sweating CARBON ENERGIZED can benefit the wearer. Many times, I am sure, when you have walked off that golf course and your POLO or sweater is wet with your perspiration. By wearing one of our CARBON ENERGIZED Products while playing golf, your perspiration can be dispersed much quicker leaving you feeling drier and more comfortable.

You can also benefit from the CARBON ENERGIZED unique properties of optimizing your body temperature and reducing heart rate, oxygen and lactic acid levels. Just because you are walking instead of cycling or running, does not mean it cannot work. Wear it under your Polo, shirt, sweater, and it does the rest. Comfortable and seamless.

Energize your body and Mind!





There is no struggling with body movement due to the tight-fitting, but lose enough to allow your body to move in the way golfers do.

So take a look at our recommended products for golfers.