Anybody that goes to the gym goes to get and build a sweat up, right? Sure, get fit, toned, bulk up muscle, lose weight are the reasons for going to the gym, but none of those can work without working up that sweat.

Whether you use the weight machines, treadmills, static cycles or countless other machinery or you go for the Pump, HT training or many other classes, imagine wearing an underwear that will make you feel drier than ever before and can, in many cases benefit you by reducing heart rate, oxygen intake and also may reduce lactic acid build up helping you to feel less “burn”? Well, you are in the right place.

AG Sports provides that very thing. Our base layers, underwear and compression wear are specifically designed to provide the benefits above. As it is made from Polypropylene and Carbon Fibres moisture is dispersed 3 times faster than conventional wicking material such as polyester. So that work out you are planning, may become even more beneficial to your health than you first thought.

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