Walking and Hiking has become a very popular sport/activity over the last 10-20 years. Munro bagging and country walks have always been popular, but have seen a growth in participants year on year. It is important to be prepared, especially in the hills as the weather and conditions can turn so quickly.

Part of that preparation is having the right equipment. CARBON ENERGIZED Base layers are the perfect addition to your kit. Having a base layer that can provide you with benefits of CARBON ENERGIZED can be just as important as having the right footwear and outer clothing.

Having your skin dry while walking or hiking in the hills is important. Being able to walk in altitudes while a garment you are wearing can, in many cases, help you to reduce your oxygen intake is also important. CARBON ENERGIZED provides both of this and much more. Although not a thermal base layer, it does work to help maintain your body temperature at its optimum. By doing this, it can help to reduce your heart rate, oxygen intake and lactic acid build up. As it is made from Polypropylene it is the most advance wicking fabric available, even more so than regular polyester garments. Comfortable and seamless.

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