It is true to say that probably the most important piece of equipment for any keen runner is to have the right running shoes. Investing in a pair that fits and provides the comfort needed is a must. Everything else is supplementary, right?

Well perhaps not! What about a product top and underwear that could enable you to perform even better? Imagine if you invested in a range of CARBON ENERGIZED products? What would that provide to you?

Well, everything that has been explained and every benefit a CARBON ENERGIZED product can provide. Imagine training for a marathon and doing a 4hr run? You can, in many cases, save 1000 heart beats. Yes 1000!! You can also, in many cases, save as much as 3ltr of oxygen per minute, that works out at 720ltr of Oxygen during the run!

You can, in many cases, also benefit of reduced lactic acid by up to an average of 12%. And you will benefit from arguably the best anti-wicking material on the market with anti-bacterial properties that mean you can wear repeatedly without washing.

Energize your body and Mind!







 So the question maybe, should not be what it can give me, but why don’t I have at least one CARBON ENERGIZED Product?

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