Team Sports

CARBON ENERGIZED products are not just designed for individual sports. Indeed, the wearer can participate in almost anything and where there is exertion then there is a place for CARBON ENERGIZED Products.

Therefore, it goes without saying Our products have a place in most team sports. Worn under your team shirt/top CARBON ENERGIZED can provide the benefits that is enjoyed by runners and cyclists alike.  When playing in a team environment you want to perform at your best and for the duration of the match. CARBON ENERGIZED base layers can provide the opportunity for you to do just that.

Footballers and Rugby players more and more are wearing base layers under their team’s colours as a moisture wicking, compression garment so to feel more comfortable and drier. Imagine a base layer that can take it to the next level? A base layer that can provide the best moisture wicking abilities around, and, in many cases, reduce your heart rate, oxygen levels, lactic acid build up that allows you to perform consistently for longer?

Energize your Body and Mind!





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