"The Carbon Energized base layer is a fantastic bit of kit. I have worn it on numerous occasions, including in the snow in Slovenia underneath a dry suit, in a cave in Thailand as the only top I needed and during many different sports activities, including football and running. I have found that the carbon energised top fits well, it has no protruding labels or parts that rub on me, even while being hot. It dries out extremely quickly, keeping me cool in the heat and adding warmth in the cold. It is well made – I have had no rips or tears in the material, despite being used underground with sharp rocks while carrying heavy gear. I like that you can throw it in the washing machine, then leave it to air dry for about 20 minutes, with it being ready to wear.

While wearing it playing football and running, I have noticed that I am substantially cooler while wearing the base layer. This is noticeable as soon as you put it on – it is like a second skin. The compression sleeves also help during cold weather runs, when you start out it keeps the wind off, but doesn’t overheat you the longer you get into the run.

I have also won the compression socks which really help with keeping your feet dry – hey are tight enough to feel you are wearing them, but no too tight that it constricts your performance.

The material in each of these products is very hard wearing – I have noticed no degradation in elasticity over the 6 months I have been using them regularly. In fact, the socks still look brand new, despite long runs and quite a few washes.

Overall, I would highly recommend purchasing any of the Carbon Energized products as they work well in the heat as well as the cold and last a long time."

“Got a Carbon Energized no sleeve vest and the comfort is fantastic. Love the feel of the garment, tight but not restrictive at all and it works great. I don’t like to wear layers in the summer when cycling so it is more of a winter/spring top, but highly recommended”

Dan S – Club Cyclist, - Aberdeen


“Wore the top for the first time on a 20mile run one Saturday morning. First thing I did on my return was buy another. Absolutely fantastic. My wife thought I had not been as I was dry and as she put it, don’t stick. Hahahaha! Great products.”

Colin T – Marathon Runner, Iron Man competitor, Triathlete, - Inverness


“The tops are very comfortable. Compression socks are fantastic and have really helped my circulation in my feet.”

Ron – Ex Services and Volunteer – Aberdeen


“Love the tops and the ladies’ slips. I use them for the gym and it is always the first thing in the bag. Very comfortable and I feel dry when wearing them”

Adriana -  Therapist, -  Stonehaven


“I love the tops and the leggings. In my training for a half Iron man, they really helped in my running and cycling. I did not feel very fatigued after and they are very comfortable. Recommend the Carbon Energized tops to everyone”.

Marco P – Ironman Competitor - Hanover, Germany


“The tops are great. Never go to the gym without it. I sweat a lot when running and doing the classes, so I was sceptical at first. However, they are superb”.

Paul R – Dundee


“Working as a nurse and being on my feet all day can be really hard on my legs and feet. Got the compression socks and what a difference it made. I was still tired after my shift, but my legs and feet felt good. I had no bother at all.  Now I won’t work without them and lots of other Nurses are asking where I got them from”.

Yvonne, Staff Nurse – Newcastle.